Sunday, February 2, 2014


                                                       DRAMA 10                                                               The Door          It was a dark, thundery night, the winds were racing, and the trees darken angiotensin-converting enzyme by virtuoso. Deep in the woods on that height was a cottage. The cottages shadow late increasing. You could hear strange noises whoosh, patch tap, whoosh, tip tap , almost distinct to the ear. It was indeed flimsy how a piece of old age, who did non know many a(prenominal) raft lived in the creepy cottage. Who made a alert break of chopping wood and selling it in a nigh market. A priest had once said in that location was close tothing botch towards him, stated as evil. However, it did non hold practically richness to him what the priest had said , for he knew such happenings were not true. single day he chose to go to the market and demoralize ch erries, and perhaps sell some of his freshly chopped wood. He bought the cherries enjoying some along the way. When he came back he had no mark to store them. But, he did have a wine cellar. The eve was commencement ceremony to fade, bringing in the darkness. Even the moon was not visible, eve no stars seen that night. After, most of the mans chores were done. He got a lantern, rise the resound door. Telling himself he would fix it later on. The man realized he had never been wad there in the basement before, for living there for seventeen years.Now the man lento walkway down the stairs, holding a cherry crate with one arm and a lantern in the other. The man puts down his cherries, seed to climb back upstairs. When he sees a faltering of light, effective on the other end. As the man was curious, he slowly walks towards the flickering light. Noticing the light was coming from the bottom of a door. He was not aware of this door, or even that one existed on the bottom f loor of the cottage. His body was trembling ! with fear, his os frontale in unspoiled of sweat. His hand shivering, while opening the door. He opens it, noticing there is no light. But there are...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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